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Monday 12th February 2018


Speaker: Professor David Crabb, City University

Topic: Age related eye disease – through the eyes of the patient

Description: The benchmark for a new treatment success in a clinical trial in age related eye disease like glaucoma and AMD should really be aligned to measurable changes that affect patient’s everyday life rather than imperceptible changes on a clinical chart. Yet little is known about how these conditions really affect patients’ abilities to perform everyday visual tasks. This talk will spotlight our attempts to relate measurements taken in the clinic to at least an estimate of what patients visually ‘can’ and ‘cannot do’. One way to do this is to measure patient performance in tasks in a lab setting. Another way is to ask patients themselves. The latter can be revealing and demystify views about how patients perceive the world.

Time: 7.30pm (free buffet from 7.00pm)

Attendance is free.  If you wish to attend then please contact us to let us know to reserve your place.

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The meeting location has changed and will now be held at The Park Inn, Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG5 2BT.  Free parking is available at the venue.  Meetings will begin at 7.30 pm.  A Buffet will be provide free of charge from 7.00pm.

All talks have received GOC approval for CET points.

As of 2017 we are now affiliated with the Nottingham LOC and therefore there will no longer be any membership fees.  So attendance is totally free.

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